Making Money from Scratch Card Games

You have to feel sorry for the scratch card game, it is often overlooked or forgotten about, having to compete with thousands of online slots, card games like blackjack and baccarat to contend with and then you have games of roulette and sports betting option. The scratch card doesn’t even get its own special category inside of casino lobbies. Tucked away in either specialist game sections or just labelled as ‘other’ makes this the forgotten option when looking to play and win money from an online casino.


This lottery feature is a fantastic game and yes, our role in this guide is to remind you that the game is still very much alive and online to help you win rewards that can escalate as high as R15 Million!

The concept of how the scratch card works has been part of history for well over 80 years. The ‘90’s brought it into prominence with the national lottery and since has been a feature for every licensed outlet of the lotto game. Now it is online, and it seemingly shunned from the spotlight despite it providing bigger rewards than most other games in the market of gambling.

Finding a game can be time-consuming, so to help you out, we present a provider of scratch card casinos. From them, you will be able to pick sites that contain hundreds of various games in this category. They are established online operators that are also legal inside the regions of South Africa, so you will be able to win ZAR money back. They are licensed by gaming authorities and come with regulated standards, which means that the games are tested and checked to be fair and have passed the approval of the independent bodies carrying the measures out.

Playing the Best Games Inside the Best Casinos Online

Scratch cards are designed no differently than say, the online slots. They are made by the best software developers who produce every other form of game online. In fact, online scratch card games are the second most diverse form of game online after the slot machine.

You can play games in their hundreds, each one differently designed, covering an array of themes. Just like slots, there are games based on movies and shows, there are games that are based on sci-fi, animals, horror, fruits, food, sport and worldly wonders.

The game can also be versatile, your traditional scratch game may only give you the one chance to win, but there are others that have, essentially, three games in one and at no extra cost per game. Why the scratch card is not promoted more by casinos is very odd, given the levels of gaming it provides and how quickly wins can be made from them. Perhaps this is why casinos don’t want you to know because of how simple they are to win from.

The online scratchcard game is easy to play. The role of the player is to match 3 winning symbols within the game. When loading a game up, you set your betting value and click play, the panel where the symbols are hidden then becomes removed and the outcome is revealed. In no more than 5 seconds, you have set the wager, played the game and had the outcome.

This is why there are so many variations of the game because you can play so many in such as small space of time.


Are Online Games Better Than the Real Thing?

So, the question is, why bother to play online versions of the game? Well, there are indeed scratch cards available on the high street but if you expect to win big jackpots, then your odds aren’t as good. Scratch cards in the real world come with one jackpot, if this jackpot is won, players have no way in finding out. Okay, so there may be some smaller prizes, but how would you know. Cards remain on sale till that are all gone. Now, compare this to online scratch card games. When a jackpot or any other prize is won, it is replaced with the same amount for another or the same player to try again. There is your difference and it is called playing fair.

Sure, you can ring up the lottery hotline and ask them which of their tickets still have the jackpot available, but realistically who would do that. The convenience and fairness of online scratch card gaming is the only option you need and should be looking at if you seriously want to win real money online.

Now, you know and now you have the sites ready to join, you can play and see what fortunes the games reveal for you.