Despite the popularity of blackjack at , most beginners face a hard time with it. Here is a breakdown of some of the FAQs about the casino game.

What is the Correct Basic Strategy?

Online blackjack is a game of pure strategy with a little hint of lady luck on your side. There are various strategies you can adopt to make a win.

You Could Hit

The only card that could come to your aid is an ace. Any card available could make you a bust. You have 1 in 13 hands to improve game.

You Could Stand

Let's say you have a total of 20 with two cards. The only way which you can loose is if the dealer gets up to 21 cards.

  • You could split
  • You could pass

Is the Game Fair?

This majorly depends on the nature of the online casino you are playing from. It is recommended to play from a licensed and regulated online casino.

All casinos need an operating license as required by law to offer the online blackjack games. The games are tested and approved by these regulatory bodies.

What is the Purpose of Licensing?

Licensing helps in ensuring that the online casino abides by the laws set for an online casino. Licensing ensures it is running in a legitimate online business space.

Who Does Licensing?

There are a number of international regulatory bodies that carry out the licensing and regulation of these online casinos. These licensing bodies carry out testing and approval of games.

  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority

How Can You Tell a Licensed Casino?

You can tell a licensed online casino by reading through the licensing credentials of the casino in their web page. The licensing credentials is part of public information.


What About Card Counting?

Card counting is a strategy where a player uses the pattern of the cards to determine the next possible card by the dealer at the casino.

Is Card Counting Illegal?

As much it might seem a vice, card counting is not illegal as per the law. However, it is frowned upon by online casinos and could give you a ban.

However, card counting in online casinos is next to impossible. This is because of the card shuffling at the end of each round to prevent forming a pattern.

What is a Random Number Generator?

A random number generator is a written code in the architecture of a casino involved in dishing out new numbers that transforms into random outcomes at the casino.

A random number generator comes tied with all casino games at the online casino. The RNG is made up of computer algorithms that help in ensuring random outcomes.

  • RNG is fixed
  • Cannot be altered

The random number generator aids in shuffling cards at the end of each round with online blackjack. It makes it impossible for a player to predict a pattern.

Can You Win Online Blackjack?

Even with the random number generator in place to ensure random outcomes, you have a high winning chance when trying online blackjack as a beginner with the game.

You need a full proof strategy to help you gain an edge over the house. The edge is gained by understanding the game at a deeper level.

Watch the number of bets you place on the line. Remember to have fun in the process. Limit your daily bets to avoid destroying your bankroll at the casino.